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The PTL-2.5 is a desktop or rack mountable L-Band, frequency agile, phase adjustable, intelligent, solid-state microwave generator. It is water cooled and can produce up to 2.5 kW of continuous microwave power. The PTL-2.5 has a 7/16 DIN coax output on the rear; a coax to waveguide transition can be used in order to mate the PTL-2.5 to WR340 waveguide if needed. It is operated via USB 2.0 to a Windows PC using the PrecisePowerTM software suite. It can also be controlled via PLC and LabViewTM.PTL-2.5 Solid State Microwave Generator Front - Cellencor

This desktop unit is designed to be especially useful for microwave R&D, small test applicators, experiments and anywhere else where precise, highly controllable microwaves are needed. Some example applications include materials testing, spectroscopy, plasma generation, thin film deposition, sintering, medical ablation and microwave enhanced chemistry.

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The PTL-2.5 as well as all of our other solid-state generators use our proprietary PrecisePowerTM software suite. PrecisePowerTM is an easy to use, powerful, and feature-rich software suite that allows the PTL-2.5 to do things that are impossible with a magnetron-based, such as rapidly sweeping frequency, pulsing power, plasma generation, phase adjustment and more.



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