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Continuous Ovens

Conveyor Belt Continuous Microwave Drier- CellencorOur continuous microwave ovens are hollow, stainless steel boxes about 12 feet long, five feet wide, and four feet tall. A conveyor belt runs through the microwave suppression tunnel (also called a "choke") and out a suppression tunnel on the other end. The waveguide feeds two or more antennas that uniformly distribute the microwaves throughout the cavity. The effect is similar to the turntable in your home microwave oven. We also offer several other kinds of applicators for products that won't work in a conventional oven.


Modular and Expandable

Cellencor knows that flexibility and being able to react to Microwave Drier Mechanical Drawing- Cellencorchanging demand is critical in today's business environment. Our microwave systems are modular and expandable, giving our customers superior flexibility in expanding their system to meet changing throughput needs.

Pictured below is the basic building block of an industrial microwave system: one oven, one transmitter system which generates 100 kW of microwave power. These units can be strung together in chains or even parallel lines to multiply throughput as pictured on the bottom. The system shown on the bottom consists of five ovens connected to ten transmitters producing one megawatt of microwave power. This modularity is a major advantage our systems have over other conventional drying techniques.


Large and Small SystemsIndustrial Microwave Generators

These microwave systems can be relatively small (15'x10') footprint or very large if multiple oven are placed in series. These large systems can process very high amounts of material, often times many tons per hour. The conveyor belt speed and microwave power are both adjustable to be able to adapt to changing throughput before or after the microwave system in line. We can also integrate our PLC's into plant DCS systems to automatically adjust and prevent bottle necks and back ups, which can potentially lead to wasted or ruined material.


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