Microwave Plasma


Microwave plasmas are being used for many new and exciting industrial applications including:

  • CVD diamond growing
  • Nano and micron materials including graphene
  • Sintering and drilling
  • Spray coatings
  • Cathode and anode fabrication
  • Additive manufacturingInsert picture here
  • Isotope production
  • Semiconductor fab
  • Surplus energy storage
  • Electric gas burners
  • Plasma etching and cleaning
  • Gas abatement and gasification


Solid-state microwave generators offer some exciting new features for plasma applications compared to magnetron generators including:

  • Precise power control
  • Precise frequency control
  • High speed pulsing
  • Increased reliability
  • High fault tolerance
  • Pure signal quality
  • Arc prevention

These features can lead to better control of the plasma, higher densities and better outcomes.Our solid-state generators are controlled via PreciserPower Software.

PrecisePower comes with a built-in plasma mode. Plasma mode is a special mode for plasma generators which provides a fast high power “super pulse” for plasma ignition, then drops to a lower steady state power level to maintain the plasma. 


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