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Integration and Automation

Industrial Microwave HMI Control Screen Automation-CellencorHigh Quality Components

The microwave systems we sell are made from the very best components; this is also true for the controls and automation. Our systems are controlled by Rockwell Automation software and Allen-Bradley hardware. We also use Panelview touch screens for operator control. This allows for a very sleek, simple user interface where the operator can monitor and control the microwave at all times using one screen.


Our microwave's control system can also be integrated into a process line or plant distributed control system (DCS). A DCS allows for remote monitoring and operation from a main hub or control room. A DCS can be a great addition to your factory and allows you to see your entire plant from a common point. This technology can drastically improve the overall efficiency and quality of your plant.


Microwave systems can also be equipped with various sensors that can adjust and control the power level of the unit based on input material. This way the system can compensate for variations in input material but still produce a high quality, consistent end product without the need for the input or exit material being continuously monitored by an operator.

Systems can come with various levels of sensors including but not limited to IR, NIR, RTD, vision systems, and load cells. Ask us how our automation and integration expertise can be implemented to optimize your microwave!


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