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Industrial Microwave Systems

Cellencor offers a wide range of microwave heating equipment to suit almost any need no matter how big or small, simple or complex. Below are some of our popular microwave equipment solutions.


Continuous Microwave Ovens Continuous Microwave Ovens  

Our Continuous Microwave Ovens are hollow, stainless steel boxes about 12 feet long, five feet wide, and four feet tall. A conveyor belt runs through the microwave suppression tunnel (also called a "choke") and out a suppression tunnel on the other end. The waveguide feeds two or more antennas that uniformly distribute the microwaves throughout the cavity. The effect is similar to the turntable in your home microwave oven. We also offer several other kinds of applicators for products that won't work in a conventional oven.


Batch OvensIndexing Batch Microwave Oven

Our Industrial Microwave Batch Ovens use a large pneumatically operated door to load and unload trays of product instead of a conveyor belt.


Indexing Batch

Indexing Batch Ovens are a hybrid design that uses conveyor belts to load and unload the oven through large, pneumatically operated doors. This is useful for drying large objects such as casting molds or biocomposite structures that won't fit through a choke on a standard oven.



Vessels are stainless steel tanks used for liquid and slurry applications. They are equipped with a pump and an integral mixer to circulate the liquid with a uniform temperature rise. Vessels can be used to heat, cook, and pasteurize.



Mixers are specially designed stainless steel vessels that have large rotating mixing paddles inside that agitate and mix the product as microwaves are being applied. These work especially well for liquids and powders. They also can have extremely uniform heating and a vacuum can be pulled if needed.




Solid-State Generators

We also offer the PTS and PTL series of solid-state generators which use the powerful PrecisePowerTM software suite. These generators are opening doors to new applications and industries not familiar with high power microwaves.


Your Brainchild

Your Brainchild! If you have a really unique application that is outside the limits of our standard applicator catalog, we can help you figure out how to apply microwaves to an applicator of your own design, or we can design a custom one for you.

Cellencor is an authorized distributor of AMTek Microwaves. We also offer custom control packages including material handling, Allen-Bradley automation and Process Sensors real time near infrared product monitoring.

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