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Industrial Materials

What are Industrial Materials?

Industrial materials are raw or unfinished material products in various shapes and sizes that are intended for use in building, manufacturing, packaging, and more.

Why Microwave Industrial Materials?microwave dried rope- cellencor

Many industrial materials go through many steps before becoming a finished product. These steps often include water or other solvents. Drying these solvents is usually an important step to increase performance, reduce shipping weight and prohibit mold and bacteria growth. Microwaves can selectively and rapidly heat these polar solvents to produce ultra fast drying rates. Materials that are porous or can breathe usually perform better, as they allow the water vapor to easily egress the material.  

  • carbon black
  • clay and ceramicsmicrowave dried wood- cellencor
  • coal
  • composites
  • dessicants and adsorbents
  • diatomite
  • filters
  • fiberglass
  • foams and spongesmicrowave dried fiberglass- cellencor
  • minerals
  • packaging materials
  • particle board
  • polyesters
  • potash
  • pulps
  • ropingmicrowave dried paper- cellencor
  • rubber
  • sand moldings
  • wetcakes
  • wet sand
  • veneers


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