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Research and Development

Industrial Solid State Microwave Generator PTL-50- CellencorSolid-State

Cellencor and our equipment manufacturers are not content with resting on our laurels or accepting the status quo. We strive to continue to improve and innovate. We have contributed significant amounts of time and resources into advancing industrial microwave equipment. One of the projects we have brought to market is the use of solid state transistors for microwave generation. We see numerous advantages so we are strongly championing the technology and pushing the hardware through extensive R&D.

Corporate Feed

Another notable innovation we have recently deployed is the use of a corporate feed microwave applicator instead of a rotating antenna or mode stirrer. We performed extensive testing and found that corporate feeds increased efficiency from 5-25%, especially at low loads. This was not the only advantage, some of the other advantages included:

  • More economical to manufacture and install
  • Fewer parts and no moving partsIndustrial Solid State Generator Pallet- Cellencor
  • More Reliable
  • Moderately reduced reflected energy
  • Better energy distribution
  • Less arcing potential
  • Allows for top mounted exhaust


Another key improvement to our microwave systems has been the design and layout of the enclosures and stainless steel frames. We have switched from tubular frames to open C-channels facing outward to help reduce bacterial growth and aid in cleaning. We have also sloped as many of our surfaces to allow water to run-off the top and not collect and harbor contamination.

Cellencor is not only a distributor, we also put significant time and energy into research and development of new and innovative products and solutions for the industrial application of microwave energy. We are continually evaluating ways to improve current equipment and procedures as well as venturing into new and uncharted territory.


Cellencor has several different patents relating to solid state microwave generators and to the use of microwaves to enhance enzymatic activity related to cellulosic ethanol production.


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