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Design and Engineering

COMSOL Custom Applicator Microwave Simulation- CellencorAt Cellencor, we have a passion for microwave application design. We help our clients do amazing things, often revolutionizing their manufacturing processes. Microwave energy can be applied to meet many heating requirements in unique and effective ways. This new technology has many unexplored applications. We can help create the one that solves your challenges.

The Starting Point

What is the material and how does it need to be processed? Often the first step is to analyze and test materials to determine their microwave heating properties in our test lab. This lets us answer the basic question of scale: how much microwave power is needed to achieve the desired result?

Selection and Design of EquipmentPortable Microwave Generators Shipping Container Model- Cellencor

We have a wide variety of standard microwave applicators in our toolkit. These include ovens with conveyor belts, batch ovens, tanks, mixers, and continuous flow systems for liquids. Often, we can utilize a stock or customized stock design that will fit the requirements. If possible, this is the fastest and most economical approach. If this is not possible, we can design a custom applicator to handle almost any solid or liquid material. We utilize the most advanced 3D CAD tools and electromagnetic simulation software.  We can fabricate prototype or full scale systems. We have exceptional expertise in integration of real-time sensors for temperature, moisture, mass, pressure and more.

Pilot Scale TestingCustom Microwave Augur Rendering- Cellencor

We can run pilot scale tests at our test facility, processing anywhere from pounds to tons of material to validate the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the final product. Sometimes, the only way to complete a full process validation is to actually install a system and integrate it into an existing production line. We offer short term rentals of complete microwave systems for this purpose.

Installation Planning

We can provide full installation design services including floor plan layout and utility requirements. We can advise on material handling interfaces. We can also assist with integration of the microwave system’s computer with a plant-wide distributed control system (DCS).

Installation Services

Our engineers and technicians can install and commission the microwave equipment including training of operators and maintenance staff. We also provide warranty and ongoing support services.

Custom Microwave Design, Modeling and Fabrication- Cellencor


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