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What is Biomass?

Biomass is organic material from plants or animals that is a renewable source often used to create electricity or other industrial products. Biomass feedstocks include crops, agricultural crop residues, forestry residues, algae, wood processing residues, municipal waste, crop wastes, forest residues, grasses, woody crops, algae, industrial wastes, sorted municipal solid waste, urban wood waste, and food waste.

microwave dried mint- cellencorWhy Microwave Biomass?

Most biomass has a high moisture content that often needs removed in order to be useful. Microwave drying is a rapid, effective, and economical method to decrease the moisture content of biomass. Biomass often readily gives up its moisture and dries evenly. Some biomass materials we have successfully processed include: 

  • algae
  • barley
  • beetsmicrowave dried leaves- cellencor
  • biocomposites
  • corn
  • DDG's
  • hops
  • kale
  • leafy mattermicrowave dried corn- cellencor
  • mints
  • mulch
  • tannins
  • soy beans
  • sweet grass​​​​​​​
  • wheat

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