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Solid-State Microwave Generators

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Cellencor proudly offers patented solid state generators covering the two major ISM bands, 902-928 MHz (L-Band) and 2400-2500 MHz (S-band), based on a common hardware and software architecture. Our generators combine advanced solid state technology and patented software that puts a powerful new tool into the hands of microwave systems innovators. It’s a frequency agile high power microwave generator and a powerful analytical instrument in one box. Various system sizes are available, covering 50 to 100 kW on the L-band systems, or from 1 to 20 kW on the S-Band systems. All systems are frequency agile and capable of operating either at a single fixed frequency, or in a frequency sweep mode that can cover the entire ISM band.




High Power

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PTL Family

902-928 MHz



PTL-50 Solid State Microwave Generator- Cellencor



PTL-2.5 Solid State Microwave Generator- Cellencor



*Please note this is not an exhaustive list of available power sizes



Why is Frequency Agility Important?

Changing the operating frequency of a microwave power source has two major effects. First, it changes the coupling of the microwave energy to the load. By finding the frequency of optimal coupling using the PrecisePower™ software, this ensures maximum energy transfer to the load and usually eliminates the need for a costly and cumbersome mechanical tuner.  Second, when the operating frequency changes, the “hot” and “cold” spots in the applicator move around; by sweeping through the frequency range and moving the hot and cold spots, this effectively acts as method of "electronic stirring" that results in much better uniformity of heating. PrecisePower™ provides both automatic tuning and sweeping features.


What are the Built in Analytic Features?

The PrecisePower™ software suite provides a rich interactive user experience to control and evaluate the user’s entire application system, from generator to load. 

  • Real-time metering of forward and reflected power output, SWR, and return loss with better than 1% accuracy.
  • An integral scalar network analyzer that graphs and displays real-time forward power (S21) and return loss (S11) data across the entire band.Works while the system is running, even at high power.
  • Automatic selection of optimal operating frequencies or ranges of frequencies.
  • Power utilization measurement in cumulative kilowatt hours.
  • Real-time operating efficiency calculation for both RF load and line power


What are the Options for External Interfacing?

Several versatile control interfaces are included as standard features: 

  • The PrecisePower™ Windows™ application program that is a complete stand-alone application that provides intuitive, interactive access to all system capabilities.
  • A comprehensive LabView™ Virtual Instrument suite is included.
  • A TCP/IP server for local or remote control over the Internet.
  • Standard industrial DC digital and analog I/O for direct control by any programmable logic controller.


How About Reliability?

PTL and PTS systems are rock solid and highly reliable. Each LDMOS RF power transistor is protected by an integrated circulator that diverts excess reflected power. A dedicated high speed microcontroller constantly monitors key operating  parameters including voltage, current, temperature, and return loss to protect the system from unsafe conditions before damage can occur.




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