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PrecisePower Logo- CellencorAll of our solid-state generators use our proprietary PrecisePowerTM software suite. PrecisePowerTM is an easy to use, powerful, and feature-rich software suite that allows our generators to do things that are impossible with a magnetron-based generator, such as rapidly sweeping frequency, pulsing power, plasma generation, phase adjustment and more.

Software HighlightsPrecisePower Main Screen- Cellencor

  • Point and click power and frequency setting across the band
  • Built-in Network Analyzer:  all hardware running PrecisePower is equipped with an internal precision dual directional coupler and high speed/ high resolution/high accuracy RF power detectors which measure forward and reflected power in real time. 
  • Phase shifting: The phase of the RF output can be varied from 0 to 360 degrees with 1.4 degree resolution.
  • Automatic selection of best single frequency
  • Automatic generation of optimal band map for frequency sweeping
  • Power utilization measurement in cumulative kilowatt hours. Real-time operating efficiency calculation for both RF load and line power
  • Fault monitoring: The embedded microcontrollers continuously monitor multiple internal operating parameters and will stop the system if abnormal operation is detected.
  • Hardwired remote control: The system’s basic functions can be remotely controlled using PLC-type inputs and output or via ethernet.
  • Emergency stop:  A fast acting hardwired emergency stop input is provided.
  • Ultra-high speed arc detection response:  Connections are provided for optional applicator arc detection hardware with extremely fast response time (~ 1 microsecond) to limit the duration and severity of arc events.
  • Compact view: A smaller, condensed control panel will replace the main user display. 
  • Operating timer: This function defines a specified power-on run time.  The time is set in HH:MM:SS form. 
  • LabVIEW support

ModesPrecisePower Band Map Mode- Cellencor

  • Single Frequency
    • In this mode, the system operates on a single frequency. It can be changed on-the-fly by clicking on a new frequency on the spectrum or typing in a new frequency.
  • Plasma
    • is a special mode for plasma generators which provides a fast high power “super pulse” for plasma ignition, then drops to a lower steady state power level to maintain the plasma. 
  • Basic Sweep
    • sweeps repeatedly across the band between the Start Frequency and the Stop Frequency setting at the power set point.
  • Band Map Sweep
    • sweeps repeatedly across the band according to the preset frequency ranges and power levels stored in the Band Map. This powerful function facilitates maximum power delivery to uneven or changing loads.
  • Analyze Load
    • performs a single low power sweep across the band and plots the measured return loss at each frequency.

Selectable Features

  • Power Control
    • this feature determines behavior when the system’s output return loss exceeds the user specified limit.  The Power Control feature has two options:  Fixed mode, in which the output power is constant regardless of return loss, or Adaptive mode, in which power is automatically reduced as return loss decreases.
  • Modulation
    • can select between continuous wave (CW) or pulse width modulated (PWM) operation.
  • RF Source
    • can select between using the internally generated signal source, or from the external input jack.


PrecisePower Solid-State Generator Modes- Cellencor


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