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Industrial Microwave Training HMI- CellencorBasic Training

During installation and commissioning of a microwave system at a customers site, we will train personnel and discuss operation of the system. We will go over common problems and try to ensure all operators have a good understanding of how to safely and effectively operate microwave equipment. This training can be as basic or as in-depth as needed. We also recommend purchasing a leakage meter to test for leakage to comply with the FCC rules and regulations regarding microwave energy and we will train you how to properly operate this meter.


Advanced TrainingIndustrial Microwave Training Class- Cellencor

We also offer a more in-depth training course hosted in Iowa that is focused towards operators. This training is a great tool to better understand your machinery and avoid any future problems. This trainee in the future can proliferate what they've learned to co-workers. Pictured below is a group of operators and technicians going through part of our training. This part of the training was focused on the components that make up the microwave transmitter and common maintenance and repair procedures. The training course is hands-on and we strive for 100% information retention.It lasts two days and discusses topics such as:

  • best practices
  • microwave operation
  • microwave theory
  • maintenance
  • components and wiring
  • safety


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