Dual Band Microwave Test Oven

Dual Band Microwave Test Oven

Industrial Research Dual-Band Microwave Test Oven Solid-State- CellencorThis cavity is the latest addition to Cellencor's microwave test laboratory. It was specially designed for use with solid state microwave generators in both L band (902-928 MHz) and S-band (2400-2500 MHz). It can be used as a microwave oven or as a RF-tight enclosed space for testing microwave structures, antennas, and other devices.



  • Cavity size: 32" W x 32" deep x 26" H; internal volume 15.4 ft3
  • Door opening 14" square
  • Power rating:L band 12 kW; S band 8 kW depending on load
  • RF Feed:Quick change adaptor plates allow use of: L band and S band waveguide; coaxial cable; patch antennas; dipole and monopole antennas.
  • 7/16 DIN wall feedthrough connector for internal power feed
  • 18" variable speed turntable (removable)
  • E-stop switch and door safety interlock
  • LED interior lighting
  • Observation window on door
  • High-definition video camera
  • Three tri-clamp choked fittings for accessories such as IR temperature sensors, arc detectors, etc.
  • Portable, lightweight 6061 aluminum construction (<75 lbs.)


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