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Microwaves tend to produce better quality products. Conventional gas dryers have internal temperatures of 500ºF to 1100ºF which results in significant degradation of protein and amino acids in animal feeds. Caramelization and Mailard reactions occur at a temperature of about 300 ºF. In our industrial microwave heating systems, product temperatures typically do not exceed 212ºF, well below the temperature where amino acids and proteins are degraded. The result is that the full nutritional value of the product is preserved.

Enhanced Enzymatic ActivityIndustrial Microwave Mixer Kale- Cellencor

Microwaves can also enhance the activity of enzymes applied to animal feeds. Microwave energy breaks down the structure of cellular walls that gives enzymes more attachment points on the otherwise crystalline cellulose structure. This can greatly enhance the activity of enzyme treatment. This treatment has been well documented at destroying E. Coli, listeria, and certain other harmful microorganisms.


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