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Now offering the largest commercially available solid-state microwave generator, the PTL-50

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A Fundamentally Better Way to Dry HEMP and Cannabis

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Powerful electromagnetic simulation tools for custom applications

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Microwaves: A Fundamentally better way to dry, cook, heat or temper your product

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See how our advanced testing facility can help bring your vision to reality

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We guide you through the process and make things easy by offering training, service and support

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02/05/20 11:53 AM
Crescend Technologies announces the delivery of a 400 kilowatt, solid state L-band power system to a customer site. It is believed to be the first large scale deployment of high power solid state RF power in the world. The application is processing large volumes of high value biomass products. The overall... [ Read ]

Cellencor is proud to offer the industry's first high power solid-state microwave generators! These revolutionary new generators offer a frequency agile, high power microwave generator and analytical instrument in the same box.

PTS-1 Desktop - 1 kW

PTS Generator - 4 and 8 kW

PTL Generator - 50 kW

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Our experience with microwave systems enables us to meet the needs of any scale of operation.  From animal feed to building materials to pharmaceuticals, you name it, our expertise ensures the transition from start to finish is a smooth transition.

• Planning, Testing and Engineering
• Installation
• Training

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