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Crescend Technologies Acquires Cellencor

Announcement from David Mack, President, Crescend Technologies LLC

We are pleased to announce our acquisition of Cellencor, Inc on December 19, 2022.

Crescend Technologies, LLC was established in 1979 as a manufacturer of high-power amplifiers for the public safety two-way radio market.  In 2014 Crescend expanded its scope to Department of Defense applications, including RF amplifiers and subsystems. In 2019, Crescend partnered with Cellencor, a leading high power microwave application system engineering company, to introduce the industry’s first high power solid state microwave solutions.   

The acquisition of Cellencor follows a close partnership that began in 2019 with the deployment of the world’s first 200-kilowatt solid state microwave system.  By acquiring Cellencor, we are able to extend the services we offer to include system engineering and consulting. These services will be added to our existing offerings, which include RF system design engineering, system integration, and in-house end-to-end manufacturing capabilities.

In addition to the products and services, we will be able to provide you many new services and areas of expertise in the future. We look forward to discussing those in more depth with you. However, there are several things we want to point out that will not change:

  • You will continue to work with the same people in our organization you have in the past. All Cellencor staff are being retained in roles with our expanded company.
  • The services we have provided you in the past will continue to be offered by the new organization.
  • We are thrilled to continue doing business with you and appreciate your continued partnership.

Best Regards,

Dave Mack

President, Crescend Technologies LLC

Microwave Design & Engineering

Our experience with microwave systems enables us to meet the needs of any scale of operation.  From animal feed to building materials to pharmaceuticals, you name it, our expertise ensures the transition from start to finish is a smooth transition. We are experts in going from benchtop to pilot scale to industrial scale.

Planning, Testing and Engineering

Installation and Training

Simulation and Modeling

Solid State Microwave Generators

Cellencor is proud to offer the industry's first high power solid-state microwave generators! These revolutionary generators offer a frequency agile, high power microwave generator and analytical instrument in the same box.

PTL-2.5 Desktop- 2.5 kW

PTL-12.5 Generator - 12.5 kW

PTL-50 Generator - 50 kW



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