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We also offer a wide variety of microwave mixers. These mixing vessels have large rotating paddles that agitate and mix your product as microwaves are applied. These mixers can be combined with microwaves to mix and heat your product in one step, in one machine in a small footprint. They are especially efficient at processing powders, slurries, foodstuffs, compounds, biomass including hemp, by-products and greases. This saves time in processing, money in reduced capital equipment costs and valuable factory floor space.

These mixers do an excellent job at effectively heating, cooking or drying your product, more so than conventional conduction, convection, or direct injection systems. There are also other added benefits of mixing while microwaving such as material homogeneity and uniformity.

These microwave mixers are made to order and can be sized according to your needs. They are easily loaded and unloaded with a large top door and a pneumatic door or valve on the bottom depending on theSmall Lab Microwave Mixer consistency of your material.

These units can be fastened to the floor or equipped with casters to allow easy moving inside your facility. These units can also be equipped with a 75 or 100kW microwave transmitter which allows for very precise power control. These systems also can come equipped with RTD temperature probes to accurately monitor temperature while processing. These systems can also come equipped to pull a partial vacuum to help lower drying temperatures and speed drying rates.


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