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Cellencor offers many auxiliary accessories that can be very beneficial to your microwave setup to increase performance, safety or ease of use. Some common add-on components consist of belt washers, air knives, custom hoppers, additional sensors and custom belts. We will also work closely with you to design and implement any additional components that you need to fit your custom microwave application. Pictured to the right ia a state-of-the-art Process Sensors MCT- 460 Near-Infrared Moisture Analyzer. Data from the sensor can be displayed on a separate screen next to the unit or integrated into the control panel system to automatically adjust the output power of the microwave to hold the product within a desired moisture content range.

A belt washer and air knife can be a great combination to reduce down time caused by routine cleaning. These belt washers use an array of high pressure nozzles to blast away at resilient, stuck on material. These do not have to be continuously run, and can be programmed to run as frequently as desired. This is a great way to keep your belt surface clean and free of contaminants as well as reducing water and electricity usage. This is a great option to reduce manual labor and down time.

Knowing the product temperature during a drying or cooking process can be very important to maintain product quality such as avoiding denaturing proteins or caramelizing sugars. To this end, we can equip your microwave system with any number of sensors and instrumentation to help the operator control the system or even to integrate into the control of the microwave power. Pictured to the right are two IR temperature sensors that can be mounted on top of the microwave cavity which can give you accurate surface temperatures of your product without disturbing them as they pass through the microwave cavity.

We sell and rent five and eight  ton Sac Silverstar heavy duty Industrial chillers. These chillers are reliably constructed, efficient, easy to move and are easy to use cooling solutions for your microwave setup. They run on 220 three phase AC power, they utilize either a 5HP or 8HP compressor, weigh roughly 280/350 kg and measure 2.5x3x4 feet.

We also sell a line of rotary tine feeders and vibratory feeders. These are important to create a consistently uniform and even bed across the belt. This helps ensure an evenly heated, dried, cooked or tempered product.














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