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Microwave IR Sensor- CellencorIR Temperature Sensors

Knowing the product temperature during a drying or cooking process can be very important to maintain product quality such as avoiding denaturing proteins or caramelizing sugars. To this end, we can equip your microwave system with any number of sensors and instrumentation to help the operator control the system or even to integrate into the control of the microwave power. Pictured to the right are two IR temperature sensors that can be mounted on top of the microwave cavity which can give you accurate surface temperatures of your product without disturbing it as it passes through the microwave cavity.

NIR Moisture SensorsMicrowave NIR Moisture Sensor- Cellencor

Cellencor offers NIR moisture sensors which offer real-time moisture readouts of the product going into or coming out of your microwave.  These help to  maintain consistent product quality, increase yield, maximize efficiency and minimize waste, the sensor can measure moisture content and additional constituents. Proven to perform in harsh conditions, the MCT460 On-line Smart Sensor is built to last, simple to install and virtually maintenance free for years of reliable, consistent results. We can also use these as feedback to automatically raise or lower the microwave power to keep product output consistant day after day.

SPECIFICATIONS:Microwave NIR Moisture Sensor HMI- Cellencor

Product Distance: 8-18 inches
Maximum Calibration Codes: 100
Measured NIR Constituents: 1, 2 or 3 simultaneously
Moisture Range: 0.1- 95%
Fats/Oils Range:0.1- 50%
Repeatability: +/- 0.2%


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