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Top Priority

Safety is and always will be the top priority at Cellencor. We take every precaution to reduce or eliminate safety hazards associated with owning and operating our equipment. We have been selling and operating industrial microwave equipment for over 10 years without a major work related accident. 

Dual Interlock Safety Switches

This special safety device is located on the door openings to a continuous process microwave oven. They prevent an operator from opening the door while the microwaves are active. The twin sensors sense if the door is ajar AND if the pin is open or closed, making it nearly impossible to open without triggering an emergency stop which halts the generator from producing microwave energy and stops the conveyor belt within milliseconds. 

Arc sensors

Cellencor offers two types of arc sensor. Traditional arc sensors use a silicon photo diode to convert light into an electrical current.These safety devices will trigger an emergency stop if the amount of light inside the oven exceeds a settable threshold. Secondly,we offer and advanced arc sensor,the ALS-900 which can measure the actual light level and the duration of the event. These will trigger in the event of sustained microwave arcs or fires. Arc sensors are strategically located on either end of a microwave oven, often below and above the conveyor belt depending on material. These sensors will shut down the microwave in the event of an unsafe condition such as inadequate loading, which can prevent downtime and equipment damage. If a material is particularly flammable we recommend adding additional fire suppression systems.

Conveyor Belt Motion Sensor

The microwaves PLC continuously monitors the conveyor belt to ensure that it is moving during normal operation. This prevents material from becoming stationary inside the microwave oven and being over heated. It works by using a hall effect sensor rotating around the conveyor belts shaft and counting rotations as the sensor passes a stationary magnet. This sensor helps ensure safe operation in the event of a VFD or motor failure or something becoming lodged between the belt drive and the drive shaft preventing motion. 

EInsert picture heremergency Stop

An emergency stop, or E-Stop as its commonly called, is a large manually operated switch, activated by a single human action, which is designed to open a circuit to one or more pieces of equipment without creating any additional hazards. This device must remain in its actuated (open) position until normal operation can be restored. Only then can the circuit be reset to resume normal operation. An E-stop circuit will often run through many different switches or sensors which can all break the circuit and cause an E-stop. E-stop switches are conveniently located near the HMI and the input and output of the microwave system.

GuardLogix PLC controllers 

All of our microwave equipment comes with an Allen-Bradley GuardLogix safety PLC standard.Safety PLCs have internal, redundant processors that cross check all safety functions. If there is a mismatch, the system is designed to catch it and shut down the machine safely. The two internal processors of the safety PLC are tightly integrated, with data shared between them providing enhanced machine operation, diagnostics, and safety.This can often times eliminate the need for safety relays. Each Compact GuardLogix controller is a standard CompactLogix controller with an additional safety controller included.

Microwave Leakage Alarm

The LA-900-2 microwave leakage alarm detects excessive leakage from high-power industrial microwave systems operating within the 902-928 MHz ISM Band. This device is a sensitive radio receiver that measures microwave energy in its immediate environment and triggers a relay if the measured microwave energy exceeds a preset threshold. This allows the alarm to quickly shut down the microwave system upon detection of a microwave radiation level that is unsafe and/or exceeds government regulations. They are small and easy to mount near waveguide,oven openings like doors or operator controls like an HMI panel. It is important these devices be 

Additional Sensors

We also sell handheld survey meters to check for microwave leaks during routine maintenance and personal body meters to record total exposure if needed. If microwave equipment becomes damaged, moved or shifted it is always a good idea to recheck the system to ensure waveguide integrity and no leaks were created during the incident. 

NEC Compliant

All electrical power and controls conform to the NFPA NEC 2014 standards. 


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