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Leakage Alarm

 LA-900-2 microwave leakage alarm- CellencorLA-900-2

The LA-900-2 microwave leakage alarm detects excessive leakage from high-power industrial microwave systems operating within the 902-928 MHz ISM Band. This device is a sensitive radio receiver that measures microwave energy in its immediate environment and triggers a relay if the measured microwave energy exceeds a preset threshold. This allows the alarm to quickly shut down the microwave system upon detection of a microwave radiation level that is unsafe and/or exceeds government regulations.


Key Features

  • High Sensitivity, less than 1 microwatt
  • Adjustable alarm trigger threshold
  • Detection range:Minimum of 3 meters for 1 milliwatt source, see table below
  • Covers 250 m / 2700 ft area at regulatory limit
  • Narrowly tuned to 902-928 MHz ISM band to avoid interference from other RF sources
  • Input overload protection
  • High reliability



  • Input sensitivity: -45 dBm (less than 1 microwatt), adjustable to 0 dBm (1 milliwatt)
  • Selectivity: Better than 75 dB from 450 MHz band commonly used by handheld 2-way radios
  • Response time: 5 milliseconds
  • Maximum safe input power: 1 watt
  • RF input: standard SMA connector allows use of remote antenna
  • Antenna: ¼ wave flexible rubber
  • LED Indicators: Power, Alarm
  • Size:90 mm L x 62 mm W x 34 mm D
  • Operating temperature:-10 to +60 deg. C
  • Output Connector:M12 DIN, eight pin male
  • Control Outputs: Two isolated sets of SPDT relay contacts, 1 A maximum each
  • Power:18–36 VDC at 200 ma, reverse polarity protected


Mounting Location

Microwaves travel along a line of sight, so the mounting location should have an unobstructed view of the area to be covered by the alarm.  Large nearby metallic objects will block the view. The alarm box should be mounted with the antenna in a vertical position.


Line of Sight Detection Range


Source (leak)


Detection Range


1 milliwatt


5 milliwatts*


10 milliwatts


100 milliwatts


1 watt










 * OSHA, ICNIRP, and FCC regulatory limit


Frequency Response


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