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Richardson Electronics, Ltd. (NASDAQ: RELL) announced today the availability of PrecisePower™ solid-state, high-power microwave generators.

Richardson Electronics and Cellencor Inc. have formed a strategic technology partnership to release a product portfolio of solid-state generators that will be marketed under the National Electronics brand.

The PrecisePower microwave generators are designed for a variety of RF energy applications, such as microwave heating, drying, cooking, plasma generation, and other industrial and scientific uses. They represent a superior improvement for microwave generators, providing much higher reliability and a significantly lower cost of ownership.

The new solid-state generators feature next-generation, high-power LDMOS RF power transistors. The modular architecture utilizes 2 kW (PTL-Series) and 1.2 kW (PTS-Series) intelligent power modules that can be configured for various output power levels.

Additional key features of the PrecisePower generators include:

  • ·         Stable, precisely controllable microwave energy
  • ·         PTL Series: up to 64 kW
  • ·         PTS Series: 1.2 to 20 kW
  • ·         Continuous wave (CW), pulse-width modulated (PWM), or arbitrary waveform modes
  • ·         Frequency agile
  • ·         PTL Series: over entire 902–928 MHz ISM band
  • ·         PTS Series: over entire 2400–2500 MHz ISM band

“We believe that the precise control of power, frequency and phase of these highly reliable designs will make an industry-wide difference in the application of high-power microwaves,” said Chris Marshall, Chief Technology Officer of Richardson Electronics.

Power & Microwave Technologies group, “Cellencor’s advanced software, proprietary IP and vast applications experience combined with our global reach and extensive microwave expertise will allow customers worldwide to benefit from this exciting technology.”

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