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The PTS-8 is a S-Band, frequency agile, intelligent, solid-state microwave generators. It is water-cooled and can produce up to 8 kW of continuous power respectively. The PTS-8 can come with 1 combined power output in the form of WR340 waveguide flange or eight independent 1 kW outputs in the form of 7/16 DIN connectors. The PTS-8 is connected via USB 2.0 to a Windows PC and the PrecisePowerTM software suite. They can also be controlled via PLC and LabViewTM.

  • Precise control of output power, frequency, and phase
  • Power range 0 - 8 kW in 1 Watt increments
  • Frequency agile between 2400 and 2500 MHz in .1 MHz increments
  • Phase control of 360 degrees, 2.4 degree increments
  • Rugged NXP LDMOS transistors with a lifetime over 500,000 operating hours
  • Highly reliable and fault tolerant
  • Real-time metering of forward and reflected power output, SWR, and return loss with better than 1% accuracy
  • Power utilization measurement in cumulative kilowatt hours
  • High efficiency switch mode power supply
  • High spectral purity output
  • Designed and built by industrial microwave engineers in the USA for science and industry. Patent Pending

PTS Datasheet - 4, 8, 16 kW


SoftwarePrecisePower Solid State Microwave User Screen- Cellencor

The PTS-8, as well as all of our other solid-state generators, use our proprietary PrecisePowerTM software suite. PrecisePowerTM is an easy to use, powerful, and feature-rich software suite that allows the PTS systems to do things that are impossible with a magnetron-based, such as rapidly sweeping frequency, pulsing power, plasma generation, phase adjustment and more.



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