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Insert picture hereCellencor now proudly offers custom and off the shelf patch antennas for our customers doing reactor vessels and custom applicators. These are especially useful in R&D applications.

The patch antenna pictured was originally created out of necessity as Cellencor could not find readily available, high power S-band antennas at an economical price to be used with our PrecisePower™ family of solid-state generators.

Patch antennas offer some great benefits for our customers such as a small footprint and a slim profile which doesn’t protrude into the microwave cavity and interfere in the heating process.



  • High power handling (up to 1200 watts)
  • Wideband (>200 MHz SWR bandwidth)
  • Low center VSWR (as low as 1.1)
  • Customizable target frequency
  • Linear or circularly polarized
  • Rugged construction to handle poorly matched cavities
  • 7/16 DIN or N connector
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