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Conveyor Belts

Microwave Conveyor BeltCellencor offers many types and styles of conveyor belt to fit a wide range of products. These belts are tough, easy to replace and microwave safe. They are also easy to clean- simply power wash them.


  • flat top polypropylene belt
  • kevlar belt
  • modular polypropylene witMicrowave Conveyor Belth side flights
  • open grid polypropylene belt
  • open mesh fabric belt
  • teflon coated fiberglass belt



In-line Belt Microwave Belt WasherWasher

Cellencor also offers in line belt washers for applications that need continuous cleaning. These stainless steel units allow the conveyor belt to pass by and 6 high pressure nozzles spray down both sides of the belt. The waste water is collected in the bottom drip pans. These can be programmed to run at set intervals.


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